Press to Reset: No Next Screen

Hi everyone,
On my new project, I’ve added a final creen to reset the project, It has to send you to the first screen. The procedure is to press the next arrow and push the “Press To Reset: No next Screen”.

I don’t know why when I push “Press To Reset: No Next Screen” It sends me to another screen which I didn’t select.

Can you help me to solve this problem please?


Hi Marta
Did you create your project/application using CyberTracker Classic or CyberTracker Online?
Kind regards, Kate

Hi Kate,
I used Cybertracker Classic.


OK thanks Marta. Then I can’t help I’m afraid :-), but I’m sure one of the Classic guys will respond.
Kind regards, Kate

Hi Marta, I think with “Next” it is not possible what you want. You need “Save” or “Home”. But it is not easy to see without looking into the project. Can you share CTX or MDB via DropBox or similar?
Holger, Germany