Possibility of SFTP protocol

Hello there,

Is there any possibility that, in a short period of time, SFTP Protocol would be available?

Thank you

Hi Tirso

Are you using CyberTracker Classic or CyberTracker Online?

What would you be wanting to use the SFTP protocol for? (What function of the app).

Kind regards, Kate

Hi Kate

We are using Cybertracker Classic. After a long time, we have the chance to install our database in a central server so that we can use the transfer protocols. But FTP protocols are not posible due to security issues. Only SFTP.

Thnak you

Hi Tirso, got it.
So then if it is Classic, then this is one for @justinsteventon .
Best wishes, Kate

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Hi Tirso,

The recommendation is to use the Publish feature:
Publishing | CyberTracker Wiki

Data is sent over https.


Dear Justin, the public feature is a very nice, smart and easy way to publish, and update the project and get data back. But the scenario that more than one person want to look in the results cannot be supported this way. This is the difference of a permanent storage at own server with access of all people from the team and was possible by using FTP. Now one more Step is necessary ba using Publish feature → the person who has done the download of data have to share ctx or mdb with all others. Or is my thinking wrong? May be you have different idea for this usecase. (By the way, I know the implementation of SFTP is very much work and not planned.)

Hi Holger,

CyberTracker Online is built to handle this requirement.

Otherwise you could write a script to export all data daily and then FTP it to a share which everyone downloads from. I guess there are other ways to do this, but it sort of depends on your requirements.