pack database

What does the “Pack Database” feature do?

I ask because I run this on one of my databases and nothing changes. In particular I have a very large database (mdb) from which I have deleted all sightings and the database is still huge. I assumed Pack Database was some form of compact?

Pack database is not really about CyberTracker data, it is a feature of the underlying database technology (Microsoft Access). Sometimes when doing a lot of editing, the Access can store data in an expanded way. I would have to double check, but I believe that this operation is done at database save quite frequently now, so you should never need it.



While playing around with our own database, I reviewed the database properties (File → Database Properties). On the “Advanced” tab at the bottom there is a check box that says “change data will be retained in the database”. According to the description all deleted sightings will retain in the database to allow for merging different databases. Therefore, if this box is checked, file size does not decrease when sightings are deleted.

I assume that this box is checked in your case (as it is in mine). I do not know, however, whether this option must be unchecked before sightings are deleted.

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Hi, in my database this is unchecked by default, but it still retains all my sightings data (and their tracks when I delete them. Have you found a way to remove these legacy sightings. I have to clean my database and the only way I can find to get rid of these is to recreate my very long and complex database :frowning:


Another thing you can do is to export the database and data you want to a separate file then start a new database from that.

Could you clarify how you know the data did not get deleted?