Online - access, and save data to excel

Hi @Jozuah, I’m just posting your email here if that’s OK with you, it’s easier for us to deal with Support queries here than via email (and there are more people here that can help and they might be quicker than me :slight_smile: ) - Kate


Can someone help me please. I want to go Cybertracker online and how do I save data on excel.

Jozuah Josling

Hi @Jozuah

So your first question, I want to go to CyberTracker Online:
Here’s the URL:
If you have not yet registered, then Register here: Register - CyberTracker Online

So once you are set up in CyberTracker Online, have created an app and collected some data, you can export the data to CSV (comma separated values file). This can be opened in Excel. We do not have an export direct to Excel, only to CSV, and then you open/view the file with Excel.

Kind regards, Kate