Numbers List & notes - reset to blank?

Hi. I’m just using the tutorial to develop a very simple wildlife count list in Cybertracker. However hitting an issue, I’ve searched the forums but can’t see any info so thought I’d post.

My flow is as follows:

Start Screen
Animal Type
Numbers - Male, Female, Juvenile
Notes & Save

As I progress through the sequence of screens and then save at the end it resets back to start screen. However as I progress through the sequence for a new sighting and get to the numbers list all the old numbers recorded for the previous sighting are still there. I then need to manually delete these before inputting the new numbers - its a bit tedious and slows down the whole process considerably. Same goes for Notes screen, sometimes the notes from the previous sighting are still there and needs to be deleted, sometimes its blank?

Is there a way to reset these numbers/notes to zero/blank once the data has been saved on the last screen?

Many thanks in advance.

We are aware of this bug and working on it.
Kind regards,

This bug is now fixed. Please update your mobile app.