Not getting email about password update

I got my email to join this forum, but the one to update my password for login in has not arrived after over an hour (not in junk; but SANBI may have some other blocker (e.g. Purifier), but it is now an hour …)

Is there another way of getting my password update? How might I specify a different email (gmail) account?

Hi Tony

We will check to see from our side if there is anything going wrong with emails, thanks for letting me know.

Meantime, can you try this to reset your email address:

Top right, you probably have a T icon for Tony - click that, then the person/face icon, and get to your preferences page.
I hope you will have the option there to edit your email (I do, but being an admin I have more options than you might).

If you are not able to reset your email address there, I think I can do it for you. Can you send me your gmail address - if you’re not comfortable putting in a reply here, you can send it to me on

Kind regards, Kate

Thanks: I decided to use my gmail instead: that is working fine.

I did have a hiccup with the captscha – it seemed to process and then complained about the captsha and told me invalid and then it told me that I had already registered. And then trying to get passwords failed.

But I am on, so it is not serious.




Perfect, glad you’re sorted…

Thanks. But it would not log me on, so there was no options.

I used another email and registered again, so I am OK.


(Oh: did get the email – it was sent at 1:30, but ePurifier which SANBI uses to protect us from spam, only released it at 16:20, so I only got it long after it was any use)

Many thanks



Thanks for the feedback Tony, glad the problem was not on our side, and that you are in. Kind regards, Kate