New version of CyberTracker Classic app

I saw on Google Play that a new version of the app was released on 24th September, do you have any detail on what was changed?

In particular I noticed that data uploaded to our FTP server this week seem to be split into small files with a file name suffix of indicating the sequence: _0, _1 etc. Was this a change in the latest version?


Hi Ross,

Yes, we are testing a new feature called “Publish”. You can check out the video here:

Publishing - CyberTracker Wiki

We split the CTX files into smaller packets to increase reliability. The packet size is still quite large (~16MB), but you will run into this if you are uploading photos.



Thanks Justin.

I prefer to have all the data that was uploaded from a device in a single packet. Is there an option available to override the CTX file being split?

Alternatively is there an easy way to concatenate the packets that were split when downloading?
I currently have a script which uses the command line like this: ct3 /Database mydb.mdb /DownloadUrl /OneOnly
I use OneOnly because I can get CTX files from different people and they need to be processed separately. I guess I could remove this option, but then I would have to split out the data by user, and this would add extra manual steps to the process which is mostly automated (or maybe re-writing the script).

Surely individual users could send multiple payloads anyway. What am I missing?



I dont know if is related but we could not send data this week.
The message Faild to send was displayed in the mobile device.
We tried to update and reinstall but noway.
Can you please help us?
Thanks in advance

Hi Angel,

And after you try to send the data, the black arrow become white and showing the “no data” message?


A quinta, 29/09/2022, 08:38, Angel Lobo Sanchez <> escreveu:

Hi Nuno,
I attach an image


Please guys don’t laugh about me :wink: My common mistake by watching “failed to send” was that WiFi and mobil data of my mobile phone was switched off.

Could you please send me a bug report from the device? It is off the Settings page.

Hi Justin,

re the question " Surely individual users could send multiple payloads anyway. What am I missing?"
the main reason I would like to re-combine the split files is that in our project the users can allocate a temporary id to a location, and refer to that id in following sightings so that I know that they are linked (it cannot be done just by GPS coordinates). The temporary id is only valid within a single set of data that are uploaded, and if this is split into several files I need to combine them in case the ids appear in more than one of the split files.


Hi Ross,

The split does nothing to the data, it just divides big files into more smaller ones. Or are you saying that you allocate the id in your script?



I am not saying that the data are changed by the split. In the app a user can sometimes enter a value in one of the screens which is treated as a temporary id of a sighting. They can then use this id value in subsequent sightings to refer back to the location of the first sighting. I have a script that runs through the file after it is downloaded and assigns permanent ids, when it finds several sightings with the same temporary id value they are linked together, i.e. they will all be assigned the same permanent id. Because the temporary id is only valid within a file, all the sightings that are to be linked need to be in the same file, which may not be the case if the files are split, e.g. first sighting with x in the first file, second sighting with x in the second file. Temporary ids are only valid within a file because it is possible for other users to use the same id values, but in this case they refer to different locations.

It may be clearer with a hypothetical example.

  • User1 enters many sightings, 2 of which are entered with a temporary id value of x . My script then needs to assign the same permanent id, lets say y, to the 2 sightings with x, and different permanent ids for all the other sightings. If the 2 sightings with x are in separate files then the script will assign 2 different values for the permanent id, instead of the same value y, as the script only runs on one file at a time, hence why I would like to re-combine the split files.
  • User2 enters a sighting also with temporary id x, but this does not refer to the same location as x in the data uploaded by User1, so should not be linked to these, which is why the script runs on one file at a time.

If the split files can not be easily recombined I will have to amend my script to handle the temporary ids another way.


Thanks, I understand.

Some ideas:

  1. Modify the script
  2. We can maybe make the id in your app be more permanent to begin with, e.g. creating a uuid
  3. We can make FTP export with a maximum quota of 2Gb. You might still hit this issue, but probably not very often. We will keep the quota smaller for the Publishing system queue, but you are not using that right now.



Thanks Justin, there is more to it, but it’s complicated to explain. I think it best that I amend the script.