New simplified UI design for CyberTracker Online

New Features – 16 April 2024

Quick Access to see how CyberTracker works. Enter your email, select the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and the reCAPTCHA, and you are ready to get started building apps, deploying them, and viewing your data!

Later, once you have tested your app and collected some test data, you can create a Password to protect you data.

New simplified User Interface with a clean, minimalist design. User-friendly navigation with look-and-feel of the main CyberTracker website.

Basic Features and More Options make it easy to get started.

Hi Louis!

Do you know when the new branch feature might be released? Will this have the same abilities (adjusting screen visibility & flow) as the old feature, or should we think about trying to move to SMART mobile?

Thank you!

i apologise for the delay… i have been ill.

the new Branching should be ready for release next week.

it will have the same functionality, but much easier to use.

kind regards,