Multiple selection with Users list


Is it possible to select several options from a users list?

For example, I would like to use a users list to see who were the trackers (as we do have more than one at a time) but the trackers change quite often so I would like to be able to edit it easily without having to change the database. How can we do that?

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Without editing the application on PC it is not possible to change user lists - from my point of view. The universal way to enter lots of users is a text control where the current user enter his/her name. (More in manual on CyberTracker Classic | CyberTracker Wiki)
Holger, Germany

Thank you for this reply, this is useful to know although this is not exactly what I’m asking for.
Unfortunately, using a text control to enter several users is clearly not ideal for our work as it would take too much time and might lead to many errors.

Basically, I would like to select multiple users from the same user list. We are working with monkeys and for example, we would like to know the names of all the individuals we saw during the day by selecting all the monkeys we saw in the list (group size can be over 60). From what I can see, I can select only one user at a time while using the users lists. I could use a multi-select list for that, but since we need this list in several forms, it would be a lot of time and effort again to update this multi-select list in each form every time there is a birth/death/migration of a monkey in our groups.

Is there a way to have a user list in which we can select more than one user?

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Hi Stéphanie,

The “User lists” feature is really about being able to add new users outside of form editing. Since you control all the forms, a check list is what you want.

I assume all the forms are in a single database? If so, then you can simply share them between forms. From the Elements view, create a new Category called Users and put them all there. Then when you create a check list, point it at that Category.



Stephanie, in my understanding of your post there are two lists: ond of the users and one of the monkeys, right? In one session only one user is watching more than one monkey. After the session he/she save the sightings and handover the device to another user. Than next user take his/her username and starts again in watching next couple of monkeys. At the end again saving the sightings from 2nd session. Session one is connected to user1 and 1st group of monkeys. Session2 is connected to user2 and 2nd group of monkeys. The individuals in group1 and 2 can be identical or different. From my point of view you have no conflict between this two lists (user / monkeys).
The problem is, that in time of editing, the fully namelists of user/ and or monkeys are not known, right?
Or do I have some misunderstanding?

Holger, Germany

Dear Justin,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes ideally I would like a check list in which I can select several users at once, but at the same time, I would like to be able to edit this list outside of form editing.
Basically, these lists can change quite quickly and are used several times in several forms, that’s why I tried to use the user lists, but I really need to be able to select more than one option. What do you mean by I “control all the forms”?

Yes all the forms are in a single database. I managed to create a new Category “Users” under Element view, with the name of all users in single lines.
When you say “check list”, you mean “Multi select list”, right? So I managed to create one multi select list and point it to my category “Users” but it seems that if I update the category under Element view, the list is not updated in the forms in my application. Do I need to do something special for that?

@Holger: in one session, we do have more than one observers watching a whole group of monkeys (up to 70 individuals). During the session, we collect scan data, focal data and many ad libitum data on all their social interactions. We do have several tablets so basically, one tablet will stay with one group on one day, but can be used by some other observers on other days with different group of monkeys (up to 6 groups so far but more to come). Individuals in the different groups are different but some males can migrate from one group to another one. I agree with you that we do not have conflict between Users/monkeys lists. But I would like to be able to update those lists (both observers and all the monkeys ones) easily without having to edit each single form (one list can be used in at least 14 different forms).

Many thanks for your help.