Manual transfer of data from smartphone to PC


Is there a way to manually transfer data stored on the smartphone to the database on the PC, without using the “Downloard data” button ?

It seems that the data is stored into a .STA file on the smartphone. But it seems that this format cannot be imported directly into the database.



Hi Nicolas,

Data files are .DAT and .WAY. The STA file is just for the current state of the UI, like which screen you are on etc.

If there is no data on your device, try checking if it got orphaned maybe: Tools->Data recovery console.



Thanks for your reply.

The data are still on the smartphone. My problem is that there is no way to get them transferred by the regular “Download data” : no error message, a very short “downloading data” at the bottom of the window, but the data is neither displayed on the PC nor removed from the smartphone. And no “orphans” file either…