Lookup a code from a table based on user input


I need to develop my fauna app so that it can export an excel file that is used by our government to upload to their fauna database. The format of the government excel spreadsheet contain many codes for data. For example: Survey method INCIDENTAL has the code INC; Survey Method THERMAL DRONE SURVEY has the code 9118 etc.

Is there a way when a user selects say INCEDENTAL from the Survey Method list box, that it looks up the code list and records the value INC in one column and the word INCIDENTAL in another?

I hope I have explained it well enough.


Peter M

Hi Peter

You didn’t mention whether you are using CyberTracker Classic or Online. I cannot speak for Classic, but there is no functionality like this in Online.

I would do this by exporting your CSV, and then manipulating it in Excel to add the columns you need, using functions like IF or VLOOKUP.

You might also consider putting the code into your list items, for example “INC_INCIDENTAL”, “9118_THERMAL DRONE SURVEY” etc, and then using text splitting functions in Excel to put these into different columns.

You could also post a new feature request if this is an important feature you would like to see added, and I’d be interested to hear if other users have the same need.

Kind regards, Kate

Thanks Kate. I also thought it maybe simpler to just manipulate the excel file. I have to do it anyway to make it compatible with the govt database.

Peter M