Location Information for a later entry

Hi CT Team

New to CT and excited to be testing it out. Forgive me if I haven’t got to grips with all functionalities.

Is it possible, if not entering data immediately in field, to manually select a location for an entry? e.g. on Kobo there is a location functionality where you can drop a pin (ideal) or input coordinates?

Thank you!

Hi Kim

There is no specific function to enter a location (co-ordinates), but you could build your app with a text or number keypad screen where this data could be entered as text (you could have two screens if you like, one for lat and one for long, which would then show up as separate columns in your table/CSV.)

It would not be treated in the same way as a location acquired automatically in CT on save, ie it would not be used to plot your observation on the map, and if you had some observations with this data entered on screens, and some with location acquired by CT, they would be in different columns, but you could massage your data later?

Also, you have to make a decision overall for your project whether you want CyberTracker to save a location automatically when saving an observation record, and then this will apply all the time (for that version of the app). If you have this set to On, then a location MUST be acquired on save (even if you have entered different coordinates on the text screens) - you could just ignore that auto location later. If you put the setting to off, then CT will never get its own location, and you can enter all your locations on the text screens.

Hope this helps (and makes sense)…

Kind regards, Kate