GPS waypoint location

Hi, I am very new and just learning about CyberTracker. My work involves fauna salvage, the capture and relocation of fauna species impacted by construction works. I need to record GPS capture and release location for individual animals. How would I do this in CyberTracker?


Hi there

There are two flavours of CyberTracker that you might use - CyberTracker Classic (installed on your computer, and used there offline to create apps/view and store data), or CyberTracker Online (online website, nothing installed on your computer, your data stored in the cloud). Both of them do the same job of building a mobile app that you would then run on CyberTracker Mobile on a phone to capture data.

Which one are you using/want to use? You’ve posted in the Support Classic topic, but since you are new you may also check out Online?

With your capture and release locations, is the data collector present at the two events, ie when the animal is captured, the data collector can press “captured now” kind of thing, and CyberTracker would record the GPS location at that point and time, and the same later for the release event?

If so, CyberTracker will do that for you automatically (either Online or Classic). This would be two separate records, I assume you would link them with some kind of ID or data to know it was the same animal.

If not, if you are entering data after the fact or from a different location, or if you want one single record that contains both the capture and release details, please see this post which deals with something similar for Online.

For Classic, I believe someone from that team may respond as to how locations can be entered in Classic apps manually if not the same as my answer for Online.

Kind regards, Kate