List Filtering issue: Filter Category not limited to selected screen

Hello everyone,

We are using Cybertracker to take behavioral data on Vervet monkeys.
We were able to set up our most of our forms without any problems. However, we encounter one issue with the List Filter option.
The Filter doesn’t select the elements according to the relevant page only, but also takes into account all the data entered before, which mean it doesn’t give us the list we need.

To be more precise, for our app: when a group encounter another group, we have a first list to select our focal group, then we select the active individuals in the encounter (list of all monkeys, filtered accordingly to the group, here it works perfectly).
We then select the encountered group, and want then next list to only display the individuals in that second group. On the Filter options, we specify the Encountered Group page as the Filter (Filter Type: Exact), however the output is a list with individuals from both groups. This leads us to think that the Filter looks to the data on the specified page (Encountered Group), but also all data entered before it (including the Focal Group).

List Filter Problem.PNG

If this is the intended Filter behavior, could you help us find a workaround, in order to only have individuals from the Encountered Group displayed on the Receivers page?

If it isn’t supposed to do that, could that bug be fixed?

Thank you per advance,

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Hi everyone!

Seems that we’re still having this issue sometimes… any idea how to deal with it?

Many thanks,