Linux installation of CyberTracker

Hi everyone,

I remember that at one stage there were instructions for how to install CyberTracker on Linux using Wine. There were a number of specific dll’s that first had to be installed, but I cannot remember which (and cannot find those original instructions anywhere). Currently CyberTracker installs without issue on my Linux laptop, but it cannot open any CyberTracker file (CTX or MDB) and I suspect that I am missing some dll files in Wine. Does anybody remember which dll’s need to be installed (or have a link to the original Linux howto)?

The one thing I could never get working in Linux was to actually communicate with the Android device from CyberTracker (either to install a sequence or to download data), but at least I could inspect the data and export it to use in QGIS or Open Office. CyberTracker is currently one of the few reasons why I still have Windows installed on my laptop.


Hi Chavoux,

I think you may need the cabinet files, e.g. cabinet.dll.

Yeah, probably no chance of getting the USB connection going through WINE, but we are going to move away from that toward a network connection in future. You will still need the CAB file support though.