Layers on the map

In a new project I want the routes and the background orthophoto map to appear, so that the users are located on the map.
I have followed your steps: create a new map, add the WGS84 layers but they still do not appear on the map. I do not understand why.
My intention was to create a map below, but the routes do not appear.
I have used ETRS89 and WGS84 projections but they do not appear in the background of the orthophoto. If I include a topographic .ECW then they appear on the map, but when I try to create the map with “Field map” it gives me an error (it is not possible with because it does not have the WGS84 projection, when it is compatible).
Can you help me?

The requirements are a fitting Query, a map of the region where the sightings are generated, and the correct coordinates. Than it should be seen. Are the coordinates in sightings are ok? If you use Google Maps or similar and put the coordinates in, is the view correct?

sightings coordinates are displayed correctly on the map at all times.
The strange thing is that when I load a topographic map (ecw) I do see both the routes and that map in the viewer; but it doesn’t help me because when I try “field map” it tells me that it is not possible because it is not projected in WGS84.