Latitude format displays incorrectly in app

Good day all

I have noticed a bug in the current CyberTracker version where the latitude field does not display the correct coordinate format on the device. My sequence is set to show Decimal degrees but the latitude field seems to return a UTM value (in both the “Fix” screen and the sighting record on the device). The longitude field returns a correct DD value. The point itself correctly displays on the map and when downloaded and viewed on the desktop app the latitude field is correctly recorded.
If I change the format to DMS both coordinates display correctly.
Does anyone have a way to correct this bug?

(Attachment IMG-20220715-WA0003.jpg is missing)

Hi Chenay,

Do you have a screen shot of this?

I am not clear on where you are seeing it.


Hi Justin

Sorry for the late reply. Please see the incorrect latitude value. This seems to be the only place where this value displays incorrectly. The latitude value displaying when the data is downloaded is the correct DD format.


Coordinate error.jpg