Kobocollect forms not uploading

Good day,

We are using CyberTracker to complete KoboCollect forms. One of the forms is not submitting. It only shows a cloud with an up arrow next to each form. Forms in the other Kobo projects are uploading normally. Other users are submitting under the same project successfully.

We have a few completed forms under the project, is there another way to get them?

Could you please send me (justin@cybertracker.org) a bug report from the device (under the main Settings page)?

Good day Justin,

Will ask the user to submit a bug report.

Thank you

The error I am getting from the KoBo server is “Not found”. Did you guys delete the “Veeboer opname” project on the server?


Hi Justin,

Thanks, I only now notice that Shaun still used an outdate form that we deleted.

Is there a way to get those submissions downloaded and open on a pc?