Kiosk Mode working?

Hi all.

Does Kisosk mode is working for you? (Edit Application → General → Kiosk mode)

CT 3.520 / 1.0.395 / Android 10


Quel est le rôle de kiosk mode?

“What is “Kiosk Mode” and how can I set it up?
Kiosk’s are fixed purpose devices. The goal of Kiosk mode is to turn a device into a fixed purpose CyberTracker device. To configure this, open the “Application Properties” dialog during screen design and check the “Kiosk Mode” box. Save your database and synchronize the Application to your device. Notice that the application cannot be closed in the usual ways. The task bar is also hidden.”

Justin has answered me meanwhile: “Kiosk mode” is not more working, because of ANDROID restrictions.


Thanks Holger, I have updated the FAQ.