iOS Web Update and ftp transfer

Hi All,

I have downloaded CT from the App store onto my iPhone. I then set up the web update (many thanks to Nuno for the google drive instructions). My sequence downloaded fine and runs. However, I have two problems/issues:

  1. I have set up an ftp transfer to my livedrive account. This works fine when I manually install CT and the sequence to a phone. However, when I use the App store version coupled with Web Update and then ‘send’ the data, nothing comes through. But it does behave normally (when i tap on send, it tells me it’s sending and then goes hollow and says no data.

  2. I can’t seem to set location services to ‘Always’ for CT. My users will be doing other things on their phones, and so each time they switch to another app, the phone loses the location (and therefore stops recording a track).

Any help on these two points would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Nic,

  1. Could you please privately send me a link to the web install app? This scenario is working for some folks, so that is quite bizarre.
  2. Is this on Android or iOS?




I am having the same issue, I have installed CT on my iPad using web transfer, when I collect data and try to send it, it goes hollow and says no data.

Can anyone advise?


I also have the same problem.

I have installed the app with web update and it works fine. However, when I send the data it does not do it well and the white arrow remains as it does not data.

I have configured the transfer in this way:

Upload settings, Protocol-> Backup (CTX)
Url, Usernama and Password empty

Download settings, Protocol-> FTP
And I configure the Url, Username and Password with the data of my server.

I greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you.

José A. Cañizares

Hi José,

You need the upload settings to be FTP + credentials. “Backup” just makes an extra copy of the data on the device.



Hi Justin

Thank you very much, now it works correctly.
José A. Cañizares