iOS crashing with online


I built an application using the online tool and testing it on ios 14 and version 6
On the last page I have my save target. It either it brings it back to the home page or brings me two pages before to input another sighting. If I click to “save and leave”, it saves and bring me back to the main page, but when I click “new sighting” it gets a gps location and then cybertracker crashes.
Going back to the application, it crashes instantly.
I have to delete and reinstall cybertracker from the app store to get back in to it.
I tried changing a few things around in the design online, but it does not seam to help… Unsure where I am going wrong with this one or if there is any log files i can grab to see what’s going on…


Could you please create a bug report off the Settings Page (at the bottom) and share it with me (


Hi @germano, is the screen that your save target goes to (the one where you want to do a new sighting) inside a branch?
Are you able to share a screenshot of your Screen list, like the one I am putting in here?

Or you could send this in a private message if you don’t want to post it publically.

Kind regards, Kate

It seams to have resolved itself.
I published the “app” again and it seams to just work now.
I have included a screenshot of the branch of the app in question, maybe you see something i am missing.
In the case of the ios app crashes, it would just crash before loading, so I could not send any logs because I had to reinstall it to get it to function thus loosing everything saved.

Hi Germano, from the Online side of things your app looks perfect, and has all the right components to be able to publish, and no reason that I can see not to work on the mobile.

Glad to hear that it is working now, please repost if you have further problems.

Kind regards, Kate

hello justin
I can’t install cybertracker on my PC. Here is the message that appears: “Cybertracker sety wizard ended prematurely because of an error.Your system has not bee modified.To install this progrzm at a later setup wizard again.Click the finish button to exit the stup wizard”

Hi Oryx, I think this might be a question for the Classic category. Could you make sure the file downloaded properly? Sometimes this happens if you get a partial download.

Thank you for your reply
the setup is ct3576u.msi with a capacity of 10.916Ko Do you think it’s the right version?

Could you please try the latest version 3.529:
Download | CyberTracker Wiki

The latest version gives the same answer.

Apologies, I do not know what is special about your machine that is causing this issue. Do you have an IT department who is managing your machine? Perhaps your anti-virus is interfering somehow.

Please find a screenshot. I’ll uninstall the antiverus to see.