interactive field map

Does CT support an option to have an interactive field map in an application? I downloaded CT for iOS recently and see there is an interactive map tab. How can I get this in an application?

I currently have my application to only record a waypoint based on current location with the option to drop a flag based on an .ECW in CT. It would be useful to be able to seamlessly drop a pin 40 meters from the observer, to the location of our animals. The field map option to drop a flag is currently cumbersome because it does not use current location to help record waypoints. Being able to “drop a pin” in relation to current location would be very helpful for our endeavors.

Alternatively, if an interactive map is not possible, does CT support field maps other than ECW files? I found somewhere online that BMP images are supported, but when I try to add a BMP (or any other raster for that matter) under Edit > Edit App > Field Maps tab > Add, type of files supported only include .ECW.

I appreciate any information others can share!



Hi, I am also interested in the option to have an interactive field map in an application. It’s possible?
Thank you.
José A. Cañizares

Hi folks,

Over time we are going to invest more in field maps, but right now the support is not very good.

Many groups end up using a parallel mapping app, e.g. Avenza.