inaccurate Trackrecords

Hi Everyone,

we are currently using the app in version 1.0.350. at our nationalpark in germany ( with specific template for our usage and background map. We discovered that the trackrecords are sometimes very good, but sometimes very inaccurate. We tried new phones to test ( galaxy A52), but we discover the same inaccurancy. We have about 20 Ranger that are currently using the app almost daily. To make it clear, we have specific trails , that we walk and record our tracks. Sometimes they look very good at our backgroundmap, but there we have several problems, when there is only a starting point and then there is a direct line to the next stop or end point…

Is there an Option where we can increase the gps accuracy?



Hi Denny, what means inaccurate? How many meters is the difference? Can you please check, if the phones have mobile network on or off during the recordings? Background: Some years before, all Galaxy devices had some problems with GPS (accuracy and startup) when the time sync to the timeservers were not available.

Holger, Germany (phone 0172-3597090)

PS: The “configure GPS”-control allows to specify the accuracy of sightings and tracks, but be aware: if the accuracy is not available, the point will not be stored.

Hi Denny,

We have had this problem on and off with some (not all) Android devices. Does it help to disable battery optimizations for CyberTracker?



Good day,

I am having this problem where my points are not stored. How does one configure the GPS on the Android app?


Hi Robin,

Does the Biodiversity sample app work for you?



Hi Justin,

Thanks for your message. Is this a seperate app to download off Google Playstore? I’ve been doing the example off the tutorial off the website.

We are in a transition period right now where we are moving to have CyberTracker on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If possible, please move to the version from the Play Store - this is where all fixes and support has moved.

We are hoping to make the transition final soon.