how to repair a damaged or corrupt ctx file


Currently I am exporting the data collected from mobile devices to an FTP server, however it is happening to me that the CTX extension files that I download from the server I get the message that it is a corrupt or damaged file.

How can I repair these files to recover this information?

I appreciate your collaboration.

We have seen some FTP servers that do not allow large file uploads. Could you send me one of the corrupt CTX files?

There was also a bug that we fixed in 3.515 which sometimes produced corrupt CTX files.




Dear Justin,

I am attaching one of the CTX files that I had trouble with lately. I hope you can help me to recover the information it contains.

Thank you

SANIDAD_VEGETAL__148bbb67b2068d369a121e0838a9e529.CTX (88.2 KB)

Hi there,

If you send me a CTX of your database, I may be able to recover some of the data.


Hello Justin

I am attaching a CTX file in good condition and another corrupt one. thanks for your help.

SANIDAD_VEGETAL__148bbb67b2068d369a121e0838a9e529.CTX (88.2 KB)

SANIDAD_VEGETAL__63592c9cd70173dba878584d5aef0e70.CTX (122 KB)