How to post a support topic

Hi guys

I think some people are a bit shy to post maybe, or possibly lost as to how to do it. I know of some people seeking support via email, but once encouraged to post the query on the Support Forum, they don’t.

Step 1: Log in or Sign up

It is NOT your CyberTracker Online login that you have to use - either create your own specific Support Forum account, or way easier, use your Google login.

Step 2: Post New Topic

Once you’re logged in, you will see the New Topic button.

Go for it!

I’ve made a video about how to post on this forum in case the problem is that you don’t know what to do. It’s branded as a CyberTracker Online video, but it applies to support for Classic, Mobile and Online.

If the problem is that you are worried that you might do it “wrong” - please don’t worry!! We are very eager to help, and would rather have your support request in the wrong place or written in funny English, than not have it at all and not be able to assist you.

Video is here, and description of contents below it.

Happy topic posting!

This video takes a look at the CyberTracker Support Forum, and how to use it to get support with CyberTracker apps.

We look at:

  • How to get to the Support Forum, from within CyberTracker Online, or direct to
  • Signing up using your Google account, or creating your own custom account
  • The various categories available into which you can post
  • How to post a new topic, including inserting images and adding optional tags

We look at some of the things that can be useful for the people responding to your support topic, for example:

  • Posting in English if possible
  • Including full screen screenshots (no cropping, especially for Online)
  • Including a Mobile bug report if the issue involves the Mobile app/device
  • Sharing files via share links, for example Dropbox links, in your post

Most of all we try to encourage you not to be shy, and not to worry that you are doing it wrong!