How to get a unique name for each image taken with cybertracker?

My group has recently created a database which includes taking two photos. When you check or download the report, both columns only have “empty” or “1” depending on whether the image has been taken or not, but there is no specific name for each image. However, if you download the photos taken through cybertracker, they have a number (e.g. PH00001). Could it be possible to get a unique name or the name of each picture instead of “1” in the field “Photo”? This would help us to know to which register each photo belongs.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Ariadna Sanglas

Research Assistant
Dept. Conservation Biology
Estación Biológica Doñana, CSIC
C) Américo Vespucio, 26
41092 Sevilla

This “1” iss only a marker (like “true”) that the photo is taken.
Every photo has a unique name (e.g. {002BFD48-C9B0-F2F7-152F-41995672E6CC}-1.jpg) if you export Query as CSV. Than look into “ExportMedia”-Folder at your PC.


Thanks a lot Holger. We were exporting our queries to .xls and the field “photo” was still appearing as “1” or “empty”. The CSV format exports the entire name of the picture :slight_smile:

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