How I can tag a thread?

Hi folks. Thanks for implementing this new platform. One 1st question: On the top I see some search options: “all tags, Latest…” My question is: How can I set a tag to a posting? I cannot find this function. In the old forum it was helpfully because the user can search for similar postings or at the end I often set “solved” to a thread so we know the user got success.

Hi @HolgerR - welcome!

In the 3 support categories, you are able to mark one of the replies as the solution.
Under the reply, look for this icon:

Only the topic owner (the person who first posted the question or topic) or staff can mark a reply as the solution.

I have made you a moderator (staff) :slight_smile:

Now I am going to go and look up about how to use other kinds of tags…

The platform that we are using here is called Discourse by the way, so if you want to find out more about it or look up how to use tags, just try googling tags in Discourse or something like that. We are all new to it, but we can learn together.

Kind regards, Kate

OK here are a couple of links on tags.

Basically, anyone can select or create a tag when they create a topic.

I just created the four tags you see in the list to see how it works.

Then looks like admins (or I’m sure the topic owner) can edit the topic later to add or change its tags.

I don’t see that replies can be tagged separately.

If you have a list of suggested tags then we can import a csv of them, but maybe we should just see what people create and let the tags grow naturally.

I think for the “solved” thing that you should use the tickbox for solution that I mentioned earlier, that is on an individual reply, then tags are more for finding similar posts or grouping things.

Thanks for explaining Kate. According to the “tags” I agree. The solution sign is also fine, but if you work as an moderator, it would be fine to see in the overview of support, which threads are solved or not yet solved. Any idea?

Holger, Germany (sorry for my marginal English :wink: )

Hi Holger

Maybe you can try it and see what happens?
In the Classic support category, try marking one of the responses as a solution.
I believe it makes the solution reply go up to the top of all replies (so that anyone coming to the post in the future gets the question and then the correct solution immediately), and if I was the developer, I would definitely have thought of making a mark/icon/something visible on the topic itself to show that, or let people search by those that were not yet solved etc, so perhaps there is other functionality around it.

Play around and research, let us know if you find out anything extra.

Kate, it does not fit my expectations. Look into the old forum ( Here we can see the state of processing easily. But you have right. We should play a little bit with the new software. May be we find out something similar …

They do show it in the list when it is solved, I thought they would :slight_smile:
See below the GPS data point one I underlined - I marked that one as solved.
Also this one is cool, because it is easy to see here as well which topics have not been responded to at all yet (the second one I underlined), I’m sure that will help you keep track as well.