How I can delete sightings in "View Data"?

Hi folks. Congratulations to run CT online! I’m sure that you have invested lots of free time to bring it in the world. Many thanks for.

Now comes my 1st question, and I’m sure it will not be the last ;-).
I’ve built some simple test application and it works fine. Also, I’ve tried to use the Test-Tool from “”. Thanks for this tool too. Now I have done some test sightings from PC and I see it in “View Data” section online. How can I delete sightings in the table?

Thanks, Holger, Germany

Hi @HolgerR thank you! Keep the questions coming :slightly_smiling_face:

There is currently no feature to delete observations in CyberTracker Online. This is something that is on our roadmap as a feature to add in the future.

Two ways that I use if I want to flag test data:

  • If you have a select screen near the beginning of your app, such as “Type of Survey” or similar, you can add a “Test” list item, and mark your test observations with that, then filter them out of results later.
  • You can also set your Username (Collect as) in the mobile device or simulator to “Test” or similar (even if just temporarily), and filter that data out for example in your CSVs.

Kind regards, Kate

Thanks Kate, your ideas I know well and use similar ways in my classic applications.

But this brings me to some ideas: Would it be good to install a “wish list” here in the Forum to see what the users want to have? And it would also be good that the user can see the planned features. So you should not answer every question because the user will see which progress is in plan?

My wish to this subject → Edit sightings with delete and change existing elements. (I guess that an add of new elements will not be easy to implement.)


Hi Holger, try the Feature Requests category!

Kind regards, Kate