How I can connect CyberTracker classic with ODK/KoBo/Survey123?

Justin said: “CyberTracker Online will take a while to reach feature parity with Classic, but you can also use ODK/KoBo/Survey123/SMART and even Google Forms.”
I agree and I have this question: I there any documentation how I can connect CyberTracker classic for this “ODK/KoBo/Survey123”?

Hi Holger,

I would start with KoBoToolbox. The docs are here: KoBoToolbox | CyberTracker Wiki. KoBo has plenty of documentation as well.

To access the advanced features of CyberTracker, you will want to learn how to build an XLS form. You do not need this right away, so it depends on your requirements.

For Survey123, you will need an ESRI account and they do not have free tiers as far as I know.


Thanks Justin, I see that KoboToolbox has some good points in data view (esp. the possibility of validation and changing the data online. From my point of view the main effort for the user is the integrated map directly on device. But unfortunately the tools for editing the screens are not so good like I need. I’m spoiled from CyberTracker classic.
the improvements of the last years makes CyberTracker more easy in use, but I’m always searching for 3 additional things of CyberTracker classic:
1st: Using the map on device
2nd: comfortable validation and editing of data in internet
3rd: building own view of data in self styled form.