How can I view my data on my android phone

I’m on a work assignment and have been using my cybertracker app entering data. I don’t have access to a laptop or desktop and I need to download my data to a spreadsheet to give an interim report. It does not appear that the cybertracker online web site is optimised for mobile phones, as I can’t see my data.

I have attached a screen shot of the cybertracker online page on my mobile. The bottom black screen is always there and hides other screen.

Hi there

I’m afraid you’re correct - CyberTracker Online has not been designed for use on mobile phones - it’s been designed for screens from laptop size and bigger, although it does work reasonably (not completely) on some tablets.
See also: System Requirements — CyberTracker Online User Guide documentation

To solve your current predicament, you have actually given me access to your data - can I draw the CSV and email it to you? If so, just let me know any parameters, for example date range.

Kind regards, Kate