Home type tickbox

Won’t it be possible to add a tick-box for a Home-button as an option on each screen? I sometimes experience the need to return to the Home-/Start screen without having to use the Save-button.

Hi Johan, thanks. I have moved your post to the Feature Requests category.

Could you mention why you sometimes need to return to the start screen without saving? For example, what should happen to any data you have entered up to that point - did you make a mistake and you want to discard it and start again, or do you want to retain the data?

The problem with returning to the start screen is that if you are running a track timer, returning to the start screen stops the timer (and the session). You’ll notice that on the first screen after the start screen there is no back button - this is deliberate, so that users can only return to start screen by a deliberate save action, to make sure they don’t stop the track timer by mistake if one is running.

So I would be interested to hear about your reason for the requirement, so that we could see if we could meet it in another way.

Also to be clear, do you mean Start screen as in the first screen of your app that you have created (from which you submit data for the project), or do you mean another Home screen in the mobile app, for example the projects list screen?

Kind regards, Kate