Help for cybertracker classic with PC

Hello dear fellow User, I m New in this forum and I Hope to find solution with all if you. I am struggling trying to create a project with my computer. I m asking if there is a document that shows how to create an application regarding plants biodiversity
Thank yoy

Hi Kaiser,

Here is a link to some of the documentation for Classic:
CyberTracker GPS Field Data Collection System - Introduction (


Hi Justin,

Thank you so much

If you need more consultation, you can write me an email ( I’ll be available again end of October.
Cheers and good luck
Holger, Germany

ok Dear,

I will wait for your availability

Hello, I’m back from journey now and I suggest you to have any online meeting. But before something … :
a) which timezone are you in? (I’m in middle europa time - Berlin and from 29th of October we will have normal, not summertime).
b) Do you have some suggestion for a convenient date and time?
c) can you please shortly describe more in detail something about the content you need?
d) do you have some target date for finishing your project?

See you
Holger, Germany

Hello dear Holger,
I am living in DR Congo GMT+1,

I am available all this week from 9 pm to 3 am
I need content on how to create a project with cybertracker classic regarding trees inventories
I have this week to finish my project before fieldwork

best regards,

Louis, DR Congo

This is very short time. I’ll try for scedule. Please write me an email to so I can send invitation.