GPS issues

Hello Cyber Tracker support,

I created my project on my desktop and then published it. When I try to test on different mobile phones, the GPS screen stays in detecting state. Did I make a mistake in the application property? Because when I look at the sky tab, there are only red dots in my location. I am located in the Caribbean.

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RTMG.MDB (2.25 MB)

Can you check with any other app from AppStore/ PlayStore if GPS is working? (e.g. GPS Test ) if GPS is working generally?


I’ve installed your project and on the screens “GPS” and “Commentaire” the GPS is working, but it need some time comming from state “Off” to “3d”. In some of my applications I use the “configure GPS control” and switch the track recording on. So the GPS is working until you reach the necessary screen. (Disadvantage: battery power is getting donw faster.)