FTP Transfer & Web Update settings

I have a project which I update using Web Update, and upload data to an FTP server, and have been experimenting with the settings. A couple did not work as I assumed they would. I just want to check if they are working as expected, or if there is anything else I need to do.

  • Transfer, Send on sync:
    when the option is checked I assumed it would send data when a project was updated on the mobile device, as existing sightings may not be compatible with the new version of the project.
    However when I update the project, the existing sightings are not sent, but do seem to be marked as sent, as when I go to the Send Data screen I see a white arrow and the message “No data”.
    I then managed to send the existing sightings by adding a new sighting, and then go to Send Data and pressing the (now) black arrow. The subsequent file on the FTP server contained both the old and the new sightings.
  • Web Update, Check for update on launch:
    did not seem to have any affect. Even when unchecked, the project would automatically update on my device when I first opened it after putting a new version on the web server.
    Also one question. If the “Clear data after send” setting is unchecked, how do I do then manually delete sightings later to free up space?

Thanks for reporting. I guess it will need some improvement. I hope, Justin will have time for … To the second: This effect I still had when the old project on Device was made with former version of CT. Can you please look at my report " WebUpdate and CT-Version " and tell me if could be similar issue? Thanks
Holger, Germany

Hi folks,

I will check out the latest settings, but as I recall we always check for updates on launch on the new version with web installs. That is something we could correct.

For the send-on-sync issue, I do not recall the exact reason we have this as being optional. We expect that any data not sent by the device in the field would be sent from the desktop in the event of a sync.