FTP transfer does not work

Good day to all,
I have a big problem with the FTP transfer protocol.
We designed an application to collect data from the field. The first attempt was to download the data by USB to each PC and send it by mail to the coordinator. It results in a too big file, that it crashes continuously. In fact, I could open the file, but I could not even save the changes. I decide to copy the databases, and in that copy, delete all the records (all records from tables Waypoint2; Sighting2 andMedia2 from the .MDB file (It was the only way to do something with the file, everything I try, crash)).

So, as a second option, we decide to use that .MDB as a base to adapt the application to work in FTP transfer protocol, since in that way, users could send smaller files (just one from each time they go to the field). Once adapted, we tested in all the devices the application, and the FTP transfer protocol, and everything work fine.

So, we start to collect real data. In the beginning, it works fine, but suddenly, on the second day, some of the devices failed to send data (from the devices everything seems fine in the process of sending data, but data did not arrive at the FTP server).
If I open the FTP folder, I can see some CTX files of less than 50kb, that we can open, but which contain no observation; and other CTX files of 1kb, that Cybertracker could not open (File>Open Database> .CTX 1kb, and nothing happens)).

We look at the Recovery console, but the data aren’t there.

Can somebody help. We lost the data. I hope we can recover it.

Thanks very much in advance,

Àngel Such Sanz

I guess I had this issue before, but very sporadic so I was not able to find any reason or rule producing this… Unfortunately I do not have any ideas to recover this data, but I recommend not using “Clear data after send”. In some kind of FTP-problems you can download date by hand. It’s hard to synchronize because the operator and the data collector must stay in near contact. But you will not have lost.

Question for clarifying: Do you also use “Send on sync” parallel?


Hi guys,

There was a bug in the FTP code which could result in invalid CTX files. This is fixed in recently builds. We do not know of any current issues – the data on the device is cleaned up only once the server has confirmed that it received it successfully.

CTX files can sometimes contain only track timer data (no sighting data) – in which case loading them will not show you anything. You should still import these so that you do not lose the track data.



Hi Justin,
Something similar happens to me … the records are sent to the server but I can’t download them to my computer, I have to download them one by one and then import them.
I understand that it is not a problem with the FTP account because otherwise they would not be received on the server.
I’ve had server issues receiving a lot of light files (tracking timer data) and they blocked my IP, but once unlocked … I can’t download them.