Finding sent sightings in an iPhone

Hi there

We have an application with multiple users across the State who access it via the CyberTracker Mobile App (webinstall). I have set the data transfer protocol as Backup(CTX). This works perfectly for users with Androids. Once they collect the data and press “send” the users can easily locate the CTX file in their phones from file manager (Internal storage/Cybertracker/Outgoing). They can then send the file to an email address or download it to Google drive etc. by pressing “share”. However, several of the users have iPhones and have not been able to work out where the CTX file goes after pressing “send”. Can anyone help?

Eren Turak, Sydney, Australia

Thanks Justin

This is difficult because our (Government) IT department are reluctant to provide writeable storage that can be accessed by a large number of people (including many who are not government employees). It was already a bit of a battle to allow these people access and download the project files through webinstall.

I will press on with this but assuming that I have success, there still is the problem of accessing the data already collected. At the moment users can view the full records on their iPhone by going to “options” and selecting “active data”. Is there an easy way of copying over what they see on the screen?



I would like to know how to set the data transfer protocol as Backup(CTX) so that the data is saved in the “Outgoing” folder of the android smartphone.
Thank you!