Feature "Download from web", via "command"?

Dear Forum Members,

I am working with “my_app”, a CyberTracker Classic application hosted on an Azure server (https://ctclassic-eu.azurewebsites.net). This application interacts with a custom server that utilizes a PostgreSQL database.

We aim to replicate the “Download from web” functionality of the desktop version via a console command in “my_app”. Could anyone advise on the appropriate console instructions to achieve this?

Here is what we have tried so far with the API:

We successfully downloaded CTX files from newly generated entries via mobile devices using: https://ctclassic-eu.azurewebsites.net/api/queue/
We also managed to download a CTX file using: https://ctclassic-eu.azurewebsites.net/api/queue/**id**/**id_download**/download
The downloaded CTX files contain the latest observations, confirming their validity.
However, we seek confirmation if this approach correctly replicates the “Download from web” feature.

Additionally, I have a few scenarios I would like clarification on:
If a user deletes an observation on the mobile version of “my_app”, is it also removed from the Azure server?
If an observation is updated on the mobile app, is the change reflected on the Azure server?
If we delete or modify an observation on our server, it will not be re-sent to the mobile app, correct?
I appreciate any insights or guidance you can provide.

Best regards,