Exported Track Lines Breaking with Sightings

We’re seeing an issue in the v3.531 where each sighting is now it’s own polyline in the shape file exports from map views. Previously, track lines from a set of sightings were exported as a single line based on attributes added to the first and last sightings to act as brackets for the track.

In testing where the issue is coming from, we opened a database containing tracks and sightings from last year that had an export that previously worked as expected. After re-exporting the tracks using v3.531, we are seeing this same issue - individual polylines between sightings.

It’s as if the attributes added to be Start and Stop elements are being ignored during the export of the tracks.

Nothing has changed here for many years. Recall that the shape file export will export a point layer and a line layer. Did the point layer come through okay?

Yes, both layers came through correctly. It’s odd - nothing change from our end as far as how we’ve been exporting the shape files. Like I mentioned, we took a database from sightings collected last year and re-exported the tracks and sightings in the newest version and there are individual lines being created between sightings. The same file exported in an older version works just fine.

It is possible that the path settings (to the right side of the map) were changed. This can affect how the export functions. If you send me your database, I can take a look.