export data

Dear all,

I have started collecting data on a new project,
I connected my phone per USB to the computer and clicked on the phone on the export data tab. Now it shows that the data has been transported and it shows 'No data" but I don’t know where the data went on the computer.
Please guide me on this issue.

Kind regards.


It seems you had transferred the data from your phone to the server. Did you try to get the data from server to PC with “Download Data From Web” in CyberTracker on Desktop?
See picture

Cheers Holger



I don’t have the option on the cybertracker on desktop

cybertracker 2.png

The initiative for downloading the collected data is not start from phone, but start from PC. If connection is working, push “Download data from mobile device”. What’s happened?

If this is not working, please send me your ctx-Database. I will check it.



I managed to add data I collected yesterday by clicking on the “Download data from mobile device” cause it said “96 findings downloaded” but I don’t know where it was stored. and also, the previous data is probably not on there cause there was more data than that.

here’s the ctx

ctx export 24-3.CTX (25.3 KB)

sorry, I see 270 sightings in you ctx!?
Cheers Holger

Meanwhile after contact with the user the problem is solved.