Existing sightings when updating a project

I was testing what happens to existing sightings on a device when the project is updated.

To do this I created sightings on my device but did not upload to our FTP server using Send Data. I then updated the device to use a new version of the project and tried Send Data, but the screen showed the white arrow and “No data” message, so the existing sightings were not uploaded to the FTP server.

To try and get the sightings uploaded i tried 2 options:

  1. editing the sightings - this casued the CyberTracker app to crash, and when I restarted I got an error message informing me there was an invalid screen and I had to reset, which removed all the sightings.

  2. I added a new sighting, then tried Send Data which worked as normal and the file that was uploaded to the FTP server contained both the new sighting and the ones I created before the project was updated.

So it seems that option 2 is the only way to upload old/existing sightings after a project is updated. Is this correct are there other recommended solutions?