Esri Connect - error CT19/403/SSL Required

Hi Justin and all

Cybertracker version: 3.520

I am trying to set up the Esri Connect feature.
I am following the steps exactly as shown (I think) in the video on Esri Connect on this page:

In the video, a new DB is created and a sighting added before adding the Esri Connect credentials, then published to Esri. This step works correctly for me, and my sighting can be seen in ArcGIS Online.

However then in the video a second sighting is added, and then the arrow on the Send data tab pressed - when I press this arrow I get a popup with the following error message. The data for the second (or any subsequent) sighting is not sent to ArcGIS/Esri.

CT19 Failed to move to outgoing folder
ESRI data fail: {“error”:{“code”:403,“message”:“SSLRequired”,“details”:[“SSLRequired”]}}.

Any ideas on how to resolve?

Thanks and regards, Kate

Hi Kate,

Are you seeing this just on the desktop or also on Android?


Hi Justin
Only on desktop - have not deployed to a device yet.
Kind regards, Kate

Could you check it out on mobile? The desktop is mostly frozen, so if it works on mobile we will call it good.