Error importing database files

I apologize if my English is not adequate (I use a translator),
I wanted to expose my problem, I use an FTP server to link sending and receiving the field data. The configuration did not give me any problem and I correctly filled in the FTP link, username and password.
In desktop computer mode, I perform a “Test run” and creating a “New sightings” I have no problem; I send the data to the server and then I download it correctly.
The problem comes when I take the data with a mobile / tablet … I send the data to the server but then it is not downloaded to the desktop computer. And if I download the .ctx file from the server, when I import the file I get the following error:
"CT11 Error importing database files
Cabinet file does not have the correct format [0x0002] "

I do not know why this happens to me, from the desktop computer version the sending / download works correctly and from the mobile it does not.


Hi there,

Is the file size of the offending file zero?

There was a bug in builds before 3.514 which sometimes created a bad CAB. Could you try deleting all the CTX files on the FTP site and trying again with 3.515?



the size of the .ctx (incorrect) is 0.133 KB versus 10.5 KB for the file generated from the desktop (correct).
From the beginning I have used version 3.515
I have done what you have told me and the error remains the same.
Thank you, cheers,

The CTX files generated from the device tend to be very small, because they only contain data. Could you please send it to me? (email:



Thanks Justin,
in the end I hired another FTP server and the sending is successful.
After sending without any problem, this last week we are having problems …: when we are on the last page (send) we click on the black arrow and the screen collapses and remains blocked with a blue background and a white arrow. The screen is frozen and the shipment does not go through. I think it is not a server problem because the files do not arrive there.
Could it be due to some recent update? Do mobile phones have to be updated?
It would help a lot to know if when you press send from the mobile, it will confirm that you have sent the shipment, because sometimes you doubt whether you have sent it or not. Is this possible?

On the other hand, the data can be exported in EXCEL or SHP format, but how are the photos and audios exported to the computer?

Finally, in another project I want some tracks to appear on the map, but I can’t. I have used both ETRS89 and WGS84 projections but they do not appear against the background of the orthophoto. If I include a topographic .ECW then they appear on the map, but when I try to create the map with “Field map” it gives me an error (it is not possible with because it does not have the WGS84 projection, when it is compatible).

There are many things, I hope you can help me.
Thank you.

Hi Roberto, it is difficult in any Forum, if there’s a lot of questions with different subjects. It’s hard to find in future. Please think about to ask another question with the different subject in future. Thanks for understanding.

To the export of media an map.

  1. You need in “Reportw” a fitting query (date range and so on). I guess, you have.
  2. In table view got “Export view” and choose “Comma separated value” in type. After exporting you will find all media in the folder “ExportMedia” under “CyberTracker” on C:
  3. To the field map: If you choose a Map with "New View → “Map” and let the parameters default (WGS84 and Virtual Earth) and navigate to your area … does the tracks appear?