Element list screen saying "Filter out of date"

While restructuring the order of the screens, some of them have started saying “Filter out of date”. As you can see in the screencapture attached, the elements (Encinar, Roquedo…) are present. I do not know how to make the list of elements appear again.

Any idea of what is happening and why?


Thanks for your help.

Ariadna Sanglas

Research Assistant
Dept. Conservation Biology
Estación Biológica Doñana, CSIC
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1st try: go through the filter dialog again, open all sub-windows, don’t change anything and press ok. the filters will be updated- In most of the cases it helps.
If not, than you should edit the filters again.

Good luck


Hi folks,

The “Filter out of date” message appears when one or more of the filter Elements have changed. Typically, you will want to update the filter to account for the change, e.g. if you add a new Element, you will want to specify when that Element should be visible.

You can always update the filter by opening the Filter dialog and then click “OK”.