Download data

Hello, community.

Please, can someone help me download the data collected in the field in another way? I tried with the cable connected to my computer; it didn’t work, the data is still on the phone.

Thanks in advance for your help

Hello Abdoul, can you please send some more details?

  • CT-Version / Play-Store - Version
  • Device (Android Version)
  • What is happened in Device after download try? Are the data gone or still inside (use Option → All sightings: empty or not?)
  • Did you look on PC under CyberTracker/system in orphans and other folders yet?
  • Did you check the other threads here in support with “data:download” label for any helpfully hints?
    Cheers, Holger, Germany

Thanks, Holger, for your Quick response

  • CT-V3.518 not play store version
  • Crosscall M1 Android
    *When I had connected the device to the computer by clicking on download, the process started, but I couldn’t find the data on the computer base. Then in the device in All signings, the data are there. I don’t want to stress the manipulation too much; I once lost some data, I want to repeat the same experience.


Tnx, as you can see here → I had the same problem with one of my devices. Another device was working. Justin gave me some idea to copy the files from not working device to the working device. And after doing this, it works. It is not a nice solution, but it works.

by the way: some Android device stands in the default USB properties on “only load battery”. And you must change it to “USB data transfer”. I gues you have checked it …