Download data from connected device does not work

Hi all,

I use a Cybertracker application to collect data on mammal species distribution.

I designed and tested the application last Saturday, and it works right (although it downloaded data slowly, finally, it downloaded).

The Sunday I collected data from the field, and now I’m trying to download the data collected, but it does not work. I connect the mobile devices via USB, then press the button of Download data from the connected device, but no data are downloaded.

I see the Recovery Data Console, and everything is right (green color), and from the options menu in the mobile devices, I see that all the data are still in the device.
In the database properties, the transfer button is:
Upload setting Protocol: File share (CTX)
Download setting Protocol : Same as upload
Send on Sync: selected

The application uses some photos to collect the data. Should the size of the files (because it has photos) the problem?

Thank in advance.

Any help or indication will be welcomed


Did you explore the folder under cybertracker/system? e.g. orphans?


Can you please look in similar discussions with same label “data_download” above?