Displaying the track count

I would like to display a track count (by species and total). I used the formula control and a global count value (set to 0 upon loaging the start screen) and a “count+1” formula on the species list screen. However the count increments each time I move to the species screen and I would like to increment only upon pressing the save button.

More generally, is there a way to retrieve the count of active records from the global environment, e.g. a N() function or something like that. Functions exists (e.g. DATE() ) but I cannot find a list of all available functions for formula controls.

Thanks in advance

Hi Andre,

We do not have functionality like this in Classic, so you would need to move to one of the more recent platforms (like KoBo), where you can have more complex expressions.

Usually there are tricks you can do to get what you want in the old system. Sometimes that may involve post-processing the data.


@Justin: Do you have any kind of list yet?

@Andre: If you implement an extra screen, where the Save Button is on and this screen contains the counter… Does it help?

I do not have a list of all functions - the manual mentions the DATE() function so I assume there are other functions (e.g. sum, mean, count), and that would be very useful.

Thanks for the idea - but I would like to keep the clicks to a minimum. I sometimes record hundreds of tracks in a matter of 3-4 hours.