Displaying both common names and scientific names on the same screen

Hi there

Is it possible for users in the field to see both the common name and scientific name for the elements (species ) on the same screen?

Eren Turak, Sydney

To show scientific name, english name, local names e.g. I know two possibilities:

Precondition: elements should have filled properties with Name, scientific name and e.g. alias1.(see attached Zwischenablage01.jpg)

a) Make a screen to choose + make screens with the same species list, one with “name” , one with “scientific name”, etc. and use “Alias override” properties → But I guess, that is not what you want, because now you have different screens.
b) use “Alias details” and hold on the name after choose will show the other name. → switch between two descriptions on one screen is possible.

Anyone has other ides?