default zero values in number keypad

Dear CyberTracker Team,

Hope you can help with the following. We use Cybertracker to collect quantities of several different parameters (e.g. number of small, medium and large boats) using the element list: number keypad. I want to know if there is a way to set the default value to zero if nothing is typed into the keypad (e.g. there are zero number of small boats). So far if nothing is typed into keypad the field remains blank in the report once the data is downloaded, while I wanted to be zero. Hope this makes sense, I appreciate your help.,
All the best,

I guess there are two possibilities.

  1. Easy one: Properties of Element Keypad - Set “Require set value” → User cannot leave screen without setting a number. In your case user must set “0” (see ScreenShot01)
  2. more difficult one:
    a) Set the Result element of Element keypad to “No”, do not use “Require set value”
    b) Use “Add Attribute” with Result element “Number0” and set the value to “0” (ScreenShot02) .
    c) In next screen use “Element Formula” with addition of “No + Number0” and Result in “ResultNo”. (ScreenShot03)
    d) Use “ResultNo” for your report. (see what happened in ScreenShot04)

May be there are more solution … Some other ideas from the community? :slight_smile:

Good luck
Holger, germany