Data view with validation mark

If the time is right, it would be very necessary to edit sighting to avoid mistakes, as I ask in other thread. In KoboToolbox I found another very nice and important feature. In the data table there is an additional column for validation. So someone can check the sighting for quality. (It makes another feature necessary: Login to the source of data with different user rights.) Sorry, all these things are difficult and one drives to the next :wink:

Hi @HolgerR don’t worry about requesting new features, at least it tells us that people are using the app and want to use it, so thank you! It’s just a question of when those features might be implemented, depending on time, money and priority. Right now I can tell you that delete observations is high on my list, but edit and validate would be lower (but can still stay on the list :slight_smile: )
Kind regards, Kate