data transfer FTP settings

Where do I get ftp settings from to allow me to transfer records from my android phone (Cybertracker 1.0.442) to the Cybertracker software on my Windows laptop (3.528)? It looks like I need to set a protocol, a url, a username and a password. Any help very appreciated.

Many use case can be filled out by using the Publish functionality (see Justin’s video here Videos | CyberTracker Wiki ). It makes it easy for installing on your device, transferring the data from device to the Microsoft server and downloading it on your PC. One disadvantage in some of my use cases is, that the data will be deleted on the server after successfully downloading. SO a second person cannot download again.

In case of FTP it is necessary to have a provider who is selling some space to you and allows to transfer data over FTP protocol. The provider will give you the login like URL, name and password. And over some FTP-Tool (e.g. FileZilla) you can download the date to your PC (more than one time, because deleting is in your hand). CyberTracker supports FTP but not SFTP (secure FTP) which is necessary at several providers inside the EU.


Holger, Germany

Thanks Holger. The publishing video was good but did not explain what transfer settings I need to enter to allow wireless transfer of date from app to laptop. There must be some transfer settings in the database properties (file menu in CT Classic on Windows) for this to work. Is there an alternative to ftp?

I have been given a CT project by someone else, that I have adapted, which includes file transfer settings with a URL of which implies that CT has a file transfer function using Azure. This works OK with that one project but if I use the same transfer settings on a second project, then the records from both projects will get uploaded together into the first project that I use for ‘download data’ . I think I need to have separate Azure usernames for each CT project. Does anyone know how to create a (free) new username ? Thanks

Hi Roland,

If you want to fork an existing application, do the following:

  • Click View->Applications, then ‘Manage Applications’ on the toolbar
  • Select ‘Create a new Application’, then click ‘Next’
  • Select the application name and check ‘Copy screens from the current Application’, then click ‘Finish’
  • Select ‘Manage Applications’ again and delete the prior application

To fork the data queue, do the following:

  • Click File->Database Properties, then select the ‘Transfer’ tab
  • Clear the ‘Url’ and ‘Username’ from the `Upload settings’

Save the database using File->Save.

Now the Publish system will behave as if you have a new app.